Household Hazardous Waste Day – Saturday, April 27, at Greenwood High School

                  Do you have household hazardous wastes, old computers or documents that you don’t know what to do with? Bring it all by the Warren County Household Hazardous Waste Day Collection on April 27 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the front parking lots at Greenwood High School at 5065 Scottsville Rd.

                  Warren County’s Public Works Department, through its Division of Stormwater Management, is partnering with its Bowling Green stormwater counterpart and local businesses to host the event. A certified hazardous waste disposal team, Clean Harbors of Greenbrier, Tenn., and other waste management professionals will be on site to accept household hazardous wastes for recycling or proper disposal. Scott Waste Services will be on site to dispose of regular waste and non-hazardous materials. In addition, area recyclers will collect waste oil, anti-freeze, cooking oil, batteries and even small propane tanks.

                  Most household hazardous wastes can be disposed of safely, but recycling the material is a better option when available. Recycling keeps the material out of a landfill, which helps to extend the useful life of the landfill while preserving improving the chances those toxic materials won’t be buried with other solid wastes.

e-Scrap Recycling

                  Small electronics, or “e-waste,” including computer CPUs, laptops, tablets and monitors also will be accepted at the drop-off site. Computer hard drives will not be removed on site.

Personal Document Shredding

                  Land Shark Shredding is continuing to partner with Bowling Green and Warren County and will be on site to accept personal documents for shredding. It is not necessary to remove small staples and paper clips, but large clips and binders should be removed from any paper prior to the event. Bring items in boxes or plastic bags that can be left behind with Landshark’s certified personnel. Previously shredded material MUST BE sealed in a bag to prevent escape. Shredded paper must not be mixed with non-paper shreds, such as shredded compact discs and DVDs. Those items must be disposed of as rubbish. Once items have been dropped off, the donor must continue in line to the exit.

Things that CANNOT be accepted

                  The HHWD drop-off site also isn’t accepting tires or anything containing asbestos or radioactive materials (this includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors) as well as construction/demolition debris. Containers should not be leaking or larger than 5 gallons, unless prior approval is obtained.

                  No large electronic appliances or commercial machinery will be accepted. This specifically applies to copiers, washers, dryers and microwaves. Remember, you can dispose of these and other bulky items year-round through your paid solid waste service – for no extra charge!

                   All wastes must come from Warren County households, which may include small home-based businesses. Materials from other businesses CANNOT be accepted because of federal guidelines. Waste will not be accepted from outside Warren County under any circumstances. Participants should be prepared to produce a photo ID showing proof of Warren County residency and or be driving a vehicle with proof of Warren County registration.

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