Amy Bates: From technology to tranquility

submitted by the artist

When considering the fact that very few opportunities present themselves to show the masses who you are, or what you enjoy doing, it truly molds a humble appreciation for the chance to finally do so. I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff of SOKY Happenings for allowing me to share my work with their audience!

I grew up in Ohio County and graduated from Owensboro Tech with an Associate in Applied Sciences degree after earning eight certificates for technology: A+, Sec+, Net+, Computer Technician, Computer Tech Basic, CIT Fundamentals, Microsoft Enterprise Administration, and Microsoft Network Administration. Recently, I chose to continue my education through Austin Peay State University to earn my certificates in meditation and violence prevention and awareness. I chose a technology path because we all know the direction society is headed. There are unfortunate sacrifices humanity is consciously making for the sake of convenience, and many humans have lost sight of what it means to truly live during this age of technological transition.

Effective communication is essential in this raw, binary atmosphere. Over time, I have downloaded dozens of foreign language apps in an awkward attempt to achieve more effective language skills. Spanish, Japanese, and ASL have all been easy to study simultaneously, and I have learned to introduce myself in at least six other languages.

Mainstream media has really spliced the wires between reality and fabricated truths. Lines are blurred; I prefer simple clarity. Being the huge Seth MacFarlane fan that I am, Hulu delivers just enough humor to keep me sane and connected.

Having traveled across most of the United States due to my brother’s chosen career in the military, many of my experiences have nurtured a profound respect for the calm tranquility that I prefer here at home. In fact, two of my pieces, “Numbers 10:9” and “PTSD” were a product of my experiences as the sister of a soldier. Although I always enjoyed hiking and climbing the beautiful mountains of Colorado with my brother on my visits, it was a relief to get back to the altitude I was used to.

From herb gardens to various flavors of tea for random coughs or occasions, I strive for minimalism in most areas of life. With this said, I have put several years of careful thought into the book that I am writing titled, These are the Gods. The idea for the book arrived after having read the enlightening series of literature by Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code.

Growing up I had several hobbies, but photography was my favorite. My collection of photos exceeds 5,000. Never leave home without your camera, right? I recall a time in my youth when I was taught to make an offering, perform the two-step, the significance of the medicine bag, and sing a medicine song by members of a Native American tribe that I had befriended over the summer. My respect for nature and all life on Earth was strengthened that year.

Having worked since I turned 16 and managing a full-time job throughout high school, life was stressful. I began writing poetry and sketching here and there on post-it notes to calm my mind. This became a form of meditation and helped keep me grounded. It is my belief that this deep respect for the pulse of life that is nature was what really led me to appreciate the arts early on. I signed up for every art class I could get. From computer graphics and advanced drawing to photography and creative writing, I kept myself busy but enjoyed the work I was doing.

One night, I was searching for something new to watch, and I came across one of my biggest inspirations, Bob Ross. I had watched his show a few times growing up, but never made any real connection. To me, Bob Ross was one of those amazing people who could paint anything, and there was no way I would ever be that good. After bingeing on several glorious episodes, I gained an understanding of his methods. A strange confidence began to manifest from within, and all I wanted to do was buy oil paints and paint with him. I had put off buying the paints for so long that I ended up receiving them as a gift. My first oil painting, “Misty Mounts,” was created that night.

Currently, I am in the early stages of starting a business of my own. My services will include unique greeting cards, invitations, calendars, and more. Many graphic art pieces will be featured in my work.

I am thankful to have a family who really encouraged me growing up – Lisa, T.J, Thomas, Amy, and Daniel have all supported my endeavors over the years and continue to show interest in what I do. I am so very proud of my niece and nephew, Autumn and Rhyker, who are in the early stages of becoming artists themselves. I have always believed that art is an important form of communication and preservation for our species, and I believe that children who are encouraged to sketch, paint, or create other works of art are also being encouraged to voice their emotions and opinions. In addition, a special thank you goes out to Tiffany Wilson of Owensboro, for her support in becoming the first owner of one of my pieces, “Sea Breath.”

The 2018 agenda includes traveling to businesses and giving motivational speeches at businesses whose owners feel that morale could use a bit of improvement. Having worked in several factories throughout my life, I know the true definition of the word tired. With this experience in mind, I have developed an alternative outlook on work ethic and enjoy helping others create a healthy, positive atmosphere for themselves and those around them.

Contact me at for questions, orders, to schedule speech consultations, or to request a link to my page if you are interested in making purchases. Carpe diem, folks!