Nutrimost – Is your metabolism ruined?

Is your metabolism ruined?

by Dr. Brandon Crouch

 When you go on a diet you work hard. You sacrifice at birthday parties and business luncheons. All through the torturous moments you think of the payoff. You know that it will help you get to your weight loss goals. Did you know though that although diets may help you lose weight they can also make it harder for you to keep the weight off? If you’ve been on a diet, you could have ruined your body’s ability to keep weight off by ruining your metabolism.

There are four main reasons your metabolism can become wrecked during a diet. If you are not careful and ignore these you may end up with pounds off your waist but not for long. Your body will not able to keep the weight off.

Your metabolism is what makes your body use the food you eat to create energy, build tissue, and dispose of wastes. Destroy the metabolism and your efforts in weight loss or weight control will be a never-ending struggle.

The first thing that will destroy a metabolism is on and off dieting. People call this yo-yo dieting. Jumping on and off the diet train confuses the body. When you drop and gain weight over and over it disrupts the hypothalamus, the weight set point, and the metabolism.

Your hypothalamus is in charge of maintaining homeostasis and controlling hormones. Your body maintains homeostasis by regulating your body and holding it steady in one place. Let’s take your body temperature for example. If you get hot, your body will start sweating to cool you down. It will try to “hold” your temperature at 98.6° F. This is all controlled by the hypothalamus.

Beyond just maintaining homeostasis, your hypothalamus controls your hormones. This control directly affects thirst, hunger, energy levels, behavior, sleep, and overall metabolism. When you bounce your weight up and down, it destroys your body’s ability to control and regulate your weight.

The second problem with many diets is that they don’t detoxify the body while losing weight. Harmful chemicals in our foods, products, and air must be dealt with. Fat cells in our body are created to absorb and retain fat and toxins to further prevent harm to the body. This toxin accumulation in fat cells causes an increase in inflammation, leptin resistance (controls appetite), type 2 diabetes, and further damage to the body.

Having too many toxins to process means your body will have to store the excess toxins. A primary source of toxin storage is in the fat cells. This is a self-defense strategy to keep toxins out of circulation and away from major organs. This can cause you to not be able to lose weight no matter how much effort you put into it. The end result is no weight loss and utter frustration.

The third problem that affects your metabolism is a lack of cellular hydration. Most people who are overweight are also dehydrated. There is a direct correlation between high body fat, poor metabolism, and hydration levels. In addition, every time we improve hydration levels, a person’s metabolism improves. During your weight loss it is imperative to be monitoring your hydration levels at regular intervals. If your diet causes you to lose water, then it will have a catastrophic effect on your metabolism. Not only will you struggle to lose weight, but also you will have difficulty maintaining any weight loss.

The last problem that will ruin your metabolism is utilizing a diet that strictly focuses on cutting calories. You have to think about your weight and health as a total package. In order to truly be successful at losing weight and keeping it off then calorie restrictions will take place but it has to be part of a bigger plan.

Diets that focus solely on restricting calories teach your body to live off fewer calories. If you’re not careful, your metabolism will slow down. The question then comes in once the diet phase is over and you start to add more calories back into your daily food regiment. What do think happens? That’s right, since our bodies are used to living off less, and our metabolism is slower, we will start to gain weight again. Instead of just a calorie focused diet, you need a complete plan that will help you get healthy from the inside out.

When you choose to loose weight, utilize a health program that helps you lose weight the right way. Make sure your program focuses on detoxing your body, improves your cellular hydration, and improves your metabolism. The last thing you want to do is destroy all the effort you have put out towards losing weight. When you finish your diet you should know with absolute certainty that you have improved your metabolism not ruined it.

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