Fur Ball offers fabulous evening of food and fun

By Meredith Thessen

The Fur Ball is coming again on Saturday night, February 3rd at the Sloan Convention Center! It seems like just yesterday we held our very first Fur Ball 11 years ago at the Bowling Green Country Club! That year we made $40,000! Wait, you don’t know what the Fur Ball is? Why, it’s only the best Ball in town that supports the Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society! Thousands of cats and dogs, and a bunny or two, benefit from this optional black tie dinner dance, complete with a band, and both a live and silent auction. There are other Balls in Bowling Green, but ours is set apart by the fact that it is a huge room of animal lovers having a whole lot of fun! Even Radar & SOKY the Weather Dogs have attended!

What started out as an idea for a fundraiser has grown into one of the most anticipated events of the year! We start getting calls in May for the date of the next one in January. We change the decorations every year to keep it fresh, but the format is the same… come early, bid on the Silent Auction items, have a lovely dinner, take part in the live auction, and dance the night away under several large posters of Shelter pets. This year we made $160,000, so naturally, we want to top that figure in 2018! Ladies, if you love to see your man in a tux, this is the perfect chance!

Our Humane Society operates out of two buildings. The older one is owned by the County, and that is our intake building where pets are brought in as strays or surrendered. They are checked for that all-important microchip, but if it’s not there, they are put up for adoption after a holding period. The other building is our Adoption Center which we own, and is maintained solely through donations. Pets are moved from the intake building to the Adoption Center as they are adopted out from this building. We also have the beautiful Hotaling Clinic where we have a vet on-site, and treat our pets before adoptions. In addition, we have our rescue van which takes about 120 pets to the Northeast every other week to find homes. This is coordinated by Deana Wehr and the wonderful staff. We are saving lives every day through adoption and rescue!

All of these things take money, and that’s where you come in. However, we don’t want to just ask for it outright, and that’s what is so wonderful about the Fur Ball! Come to the Ball, and we promise to show you a good time! Call 270-783-9404 for more information, and for tickets!

 About the Author: Meredith Thessen is a Humane Society Board Member

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